2016-11-02 14:31:47 by Soapmonster

I haven't used the site on a regular basis in like 6 years.  Sort of jumped ship when a bunch of animators I followed moved onto youtube, and eventually youtube killed it's own animation scene.  So I'm back here, but this time I'm a contributing member rather than a visitor.  But a lot's changed since I've been here, not really sure where to start.


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2016-11-02 14:56:16

youtube is cancer
But hey now this means animators will come back to newgrounds maybe.

Welcome back.


2016-11-02 16:44:17

*gives the SoapMonster a pat on the back* well... Newgrounds is trying to move away from ads which is great(finally), the community isn't as full of bullshit, reviews and comments actually matter and there isn't the incescent, compulsive, bullshit(again) clickbait and subscription obligatory line being shoved down one's throat at the end of every video...

I'm personally tempted to unsubscribe from most of the channels I am because of said bullshit. Highly tempted I might add.

That being said, I'm glad to see you've returned to your roots and decided on a much healthier platform that offers a largely more significant amount of creative freedom. Looking forward to more of your shit dude! =)