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Yea, also a lot of the art I've been doing I don't think would be terribly recieved well here.  I plan on getting some more stuff here in the near future.

It's been hot

2014-05-27 17:52:45 by Soapmonster

It's been hot lately, and we recently got a working air conditioner.  So my drawing isn't limited to the cool parts of the night.



2014-05-17 07:32:18 by Soapmonster

I just figured out that I can upload gifs here without any sort of problem.  So I promise to do a lot more of that in the future.  The lastest pic in my gallery is animated, but I didn't immediately submit it to the art portal so I left it as a sketch.  Looks like NG doesn't like to change things once they're submitted so I'm guessing it'll never be in the art portal.  Not a huge loss, at least now I know I can post some animated stuff here that's not long enough to be a full fledged animation.

It's done

2014-03-16 21:57:03 by Soapmonster

The Midna Flash is done, it can be viewed over here until I can figure out some other place to upload it.

I'd post it here, but I'm not entirely sure what category that it would fall under and all that jazz.

If you have suggestions for places I'd like to hear them.  And I wouldn't be too excited, there's not much to it.  I wasn't able to do much justice for it as it was an animation style I was experimenting with.  I'll be sticking to a more traditional way of animation in the future.  And they'll be in gif form so I can post them here without much fuss.

I'm taking suggestions for a new animation.

Flyers over on FA decompiled the remains of the Midna flash I posted and decompiled it for me, saving all of the data of the animation in the process!  I can actually finish this flash once more!  I can't get over how nice people can be!

It just wasn't meant to be I guess.

2014-03-14 23:30:33 by Soapmonster

So, after working on this flash today.  I get close to everything done on it, with the last thing to finish being Midna’s face animation.  And I run into an error.  Flash closes, lost all progress via file is now corrupt.

I have no accurate way to describe my feelings right now.

If you want to see what's left of it, it's been posted on my FA here.


I got up and went, fuck it, round 2.  I’m just got done reorganizing and starting over the animation from frame 1.

Midna Flash Cancelled

2014-03-14 02:45:34 by Soapmonster

It kept having this issue where parts of her would just fly around.  Every time I fixed one of them, two more problems would pop up.  My guess has to do with my version of flash, as it's from early 2003.  So until I can get a better version of flash, I'm sticking to traditional animation.  I'll start over and do a new animation in place of it.  I just spent a better half of my day working on this and it just wasn't happening.


Midna Flash WIP

2014-03-12 03:45:01 by Soapmonster

Working on a flash right now.  Nothing spectacular, just a simple nsfw flash.  Getting a feel for how things work right now.  Messing with a lot of masking and movie clip stuff.



2013-09-13 03:42:57 by Soapmonster

Gonna be seeing a lot more of it soon.